September 17, 2016

Currently hard at work on three new projects:

Cattle Brands: A Collection of Western Camp-Fire Stories by Andy Adams — 14 entertaining short stories depicting  the life of cowboys in the wild, wild West; written by someone who knew the life because he lived the life.  A classic of the Western genre.andyadams

The Unexpected Request by Rebekah A. Morris — Ty Elliot returns to his home after an absence of two years, knowing full well the danger which threatens him each hour he lingers in the old cabin in the mountains.  When his dying father makes a strange request and begs his returned son to “find her,” Ty promises but is bewildered. Who is he to find? How can he set about the task of honoring his word?

Redemption Ride is the new book from Western author D.G. Wyatt. Filled with action and suspense this new Western takes you to Civil War torn Texas and places you right in the middle of a story that will leave you enthralled and energized.

All three coming soon to

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