John Burlinson — Authenic Western Voice

jdb3348John is an Austin, Texas-based audiobook narrator and voice artist. He has recorded a wide variety of top-quality literature, from Sophocles & Shakespeare to children’s comedy & the Scarlet Pimpernel.

John is a specialist in narrating audiobooks dealing with the American West:  its history, legends and lore.  His warm, friendly voice can create and sustain characters who will live in memory, delighting all who love the land and its people.


Recent audiobook releases:

The Guns of Frank Eaton by David Althouse

“My boy, may an old man’s curse rest upon you, if you do not try to avenge your father!”

Answering those words, young Frank Eaton determines to settle with each of the six men who had riddled his father full of lead. Frank’s thirst for a reckoning takes him across the lawless Indian Territory, to Southwest City, Missouri, to the wide-open mesa lands of eastern New Mexico and, finally, to Albuquerque. Curses hide behind every corner of the devil and death trail as Frank rides hell-bent on a quest that will send him into legend either as an outlaw, or a hero.    Click here to PURCHASE.

Gettysburg by Percy MacKaye.

During a memorial celebration, Link, a disabled Civil War veteran, finds unexpected inspiration after he reminisces with his grand niece, Polly, about the battle of Gettysburg.  A tour-de-force performance.  Click here to obtain for FREE.

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