November 5, 2016 — The Circle by W. Somerset Maugham

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After many years living abroad with her longtime lover, Lady Catherine Champion-Cheney visits her former marital home, now occupied by her son, Arnold, and his wife, Elizabeth. Also present is her estranged husband, Clive, who lives in a cottage on the estate. Elizabeth has become dissatisfied with the life she leads with her wealthy husband, who is very occupied with his political career, and she encourages the advances of a dashing but impecunious suitor, Teddy Luton. Will Elizabeth follow in the steps of her mother-in-law and abandon her marriage?

The Circle Performance

Clive Champion-Cheney – Denis Daly
Arnold Champion-Cheney, MP – Joseph Tabler
Lord Porteous – John Burlinson
Edward Luton (Teddy) – David Prickett
Lady Catherine Champion-Cheney – Michele Eaton
Elizabeth – Amanda Friday
Mrs. Anna Shenstone – K. G.Cross
Butler/Footman – Tovarisch
Narrator – Marty Krz

October 22, 2016 — The Master Poisoner

While you were sleeping, yet another production has been catalogued on the Internet Archive: The Master Poisoner, a sinister comedy which could have been subtitled “Father definitely doesn’t know best.” Expertly curated by John Burlinson who also shares top billing with Erin Loutit, Denis Daly and David Prickett. Enjoy!  

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This baroque and grisly melodrama was devised by two of the most original dramatists of the early 20th century: Maxwell Bodenheim, known as “the King of Greenwich Village Bohemians” and Ben Hecht, who would go on to pen such Broadway classics as “The Front Page” and numerous Hollywood screenplays.

October 11, 2016

Two new productions issued on the same day! If that ain’t productivity, I don’t know what productivity is.


Cattle Brands is a collection of 14 entertaining tales filled with action, adventure, and the sometimes raw humor characteristic of cowboy life. Volume one consists of two of the best: “Drifting North”, a collection of anecdotes about frontier justice and injustice; and “A Question of Possession”, in which a Texas sheriff learns the hard way about how not to enforce a court order.


Redemption Ride:  When two cousins unwittingly meet up, they find they are fighting for opposing sides. But when a common enemy, stolen gold and a traitor are thrown into the mix they find that they have more in common than they think. But it’s a race against time – can they save a defenseless town, and themselves from being destroyed by a merciless enemy?

O Christmas Tree

October 4, 2016

Is it that time of year again already?  How strange!  Seems like only 10 months ago!!!

A Christmas story to warm the heart.  O Christmas Tree, by Mike Murphy; available now at  Click here to purchase

Sgt. Evans recounts his most infamous case about a stolen Christmas tree.

Evans – Ben Lindsey-Clark
Joshua – Noel Badrian
Virginia – Susan Iannucci
Carpenter – Joseph Tabler
McBride – John Burlinson
Kelly – Sarah Hulslander
Jay – Marty Kryz
Chris – Libby Stephenson
The Tree – Elizabeth Klett

Musical arrangements by Marty Kryz.

Audio edited by Amanda Friday.

The Creditor — Just published.

September 5, 2016the-creditor

The latest Online Stage Audible production has just appeared in the catalog; Strindberg’s tightly-knit three-person drama, The Creditor. Featuring great performances by Alan Weyman, John Burlinson and Jennifer Fournier. 

The Swedish playwright August Strindberg was one of the founding fathers of naturalistic theater. A feature of many of his plays is the minute dissection of attitude and motivation by individuals within tightly bound groups. As in the present drama, such relentless inspection of behavior often has drastic consequences.

Thekla, married to the needy Adolf, has a surprise encounter with her former husband, the lordly Gustav. Or is it really a surprise?

Adolf – Alan Weyman
Gustav – John Burlinson
Thekla – Jennifer Fournier

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